DigitALE - Biblioteca Universitaria Alessandrina
DigitALE is the Digital Portal created by the Alessandrina Academic Library in Rome, Italy. The Library houses a comprehensive collection of books, periodicals, and non-edited materials especially in literature and legal matters. The digital library called DigitALE currently offers access to journals and reference works from which some old catalogues of books and ancient manuscripts. But, more important for remote users wishing worldwide to access primary source documentation, some years of publication from 37 newspapers and journals from all over Italy, and mainly published at the beginning of the 20th century, were digitized:
  • Avanguardia
  • Azione calabrese
  • Azione democratica
  • Azione socialista
  • Bertani
  • Bianco e nero
  • Combattiamo
  • Difesa commerciale
  • Difesa del contadino
  • Domani
  • Est locanda
  • Folletto dei bambini
  • Gassista
  • Germoglio
  • Giornale del commercio
  • Giornale del teatro
  • Giornale della finanza
  • Giornale di Roma
  • Informatore di Roma
  • Iniziativa
  • Interessi
  • Intervallo in teatro
  • Messaggero dei fanciulli
  • Messaggero della gioventù
  • Novellino
  • Pensiero guelfo
  • Quindici
  • Ragione
  • Rinnovamento
  • Roma
  • Scure
  • Soffitta
  • Terra nostra
  • Tettuccio
  • Tramviere italiano
  • Vera Roma
  • Voce di Roma
  • DigitALE offers also access to old catalogues published as printed books:
  • The Catalog of old manuscripts
  • The Catalog of the ancient Cerroti Miscellaneous
  • The Catalog   of periodicals cataloged before 1991
  • The Catalog of Theses submitted to the library from 1930 to 1940
  • The Dictionary of Bibliographies (1959-1990)

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