Digitalarkivet (Digital Archives) is the Norwegian National Archives' channel for publication of digitised archive material in the form of images, transcribed texts and databases.

The publication includes archive material both from electronic sources and traditional paper sources, that are either digitised from an original or a microfilm. Most of the materials in the Digital Archives (DA) are based on original sources (protocols and documents) in the National and Regional State Archives of Norway. In addition you will also find some source material from local and regional government as well as some from private and foreign archives. The common factor with all this information in the DA is that, in most cases, it is based on original archival materials.

Not all the information texts have been fully translated into English yet but these will follow soon." The DA offer direct access to Norwegian censuses of population, 1801, 1865, 1875, 1900. Some important sections available in the Digitalarkivet are the following: About the Digital Archives New to the Digital Archives The Digital Inn Digitised parish registers Digitised real estate registers Digitised probate material Digitising sources The Debate forums Digital books with the full list of digitised books available here. Photo album of farms Internet Exhibitions in the National Archives Tracing ancestors in Norway

The information is stored in two ways; as searchable databases, or on web pages with word for word transcriptions or digital images. By using the database selector both types of materials can be found. All the materials in the DA and the Digital Inn can be found using the menu system. The materials are arranged geographically, chronologically or by type of source. By source type we are primarily thinking about what type of archive the original document belonged to, as well as where the databases could belong thematically. The aim of this organisation of materials is to enable anyone to be able to find their way round the DA whether they are familiar with archives or not. After one has chosen a category a text will appear in the window to the right. This will contain useful information which can be read before searching the databases.

In addition to the menu system in the database selector, one can also search for databases. This search cannot be combined with the menu system. On the upper blue bar there are shortcuts to the nation-wide censuses. The same databases can also be found by using the database selector.


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