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This is the digital library and archive of the University of Utrecht:

"On this web site, you can find the digital special collections of the Utrecht University Library. You can browse the books, go directly to a specific page, search on words, and more.

The database is still being filled. The books that are currently presented are the result of various previous projects. Therefore they have not all been edited in the same way.

All digital works can be viewed as images (scans of the original). Most pages have been made computer readable. These texts were generated automatically and still contain mistakes. They are used for searching on one or more words. It is also possible to copy and paste these texts into a word processor.

These digital special collections are eminently suitable for education and research. Books that, until now, were only available during reading room hours, are now being digitised, making these works available irrespective of time and place."

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Monday, 8 August 2011 - 2:08pm
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