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Digital Renaissance Editions (DRE) publishes electronic scholarly editions of early English drama and texts of related interest, from late medieval moralities and Tudor interludes, occasional entertainments and civic pageants, academic and closet drama, and the plays of the commercial London theaters, through to the drama of the Civil War and Interregnum. In August 2015 various parts of the website were still under development.

Under ‘Library’, plays and fragments can be found, together with scholarly essays that place them in context. The plays and fragments are shown in digital facsimiles of the early printed books and manuscripts (separate pages can be downloaded in JPEG format), in diplomatic transcriptions, and in modern-spelling text with full critical apparatus. The editions are peer-reviewed (with the exception of works in the ‘Annex’, that have been proofread but not fully reviewed). They are also accompanied by introductory and supplementary materials. Various search and browse options are available. It is possible to compare different copies or facsimiles and transcriptions on the same screen.

In August 2015 many works were still in preparation. Completed editions were: Thomas Dekker and Thomas Middleton, The Honest Whore, Part 1; Thomas Dekker, The Honest Whore, Part 2; George Chapman, An Humorous Day’s Mirth.

Under ‘Theater’ a performance database can be found, which will include full descriptions of non-Shakespearean early English drama on film, as well as illustrations of historical performances and representative collections of modern productions. In August 2015, this was still under development.

DRE is published by Internet Shakespeare Editions (see also this entry on EHPS). It is supported by the University of Victoria, the University of Western Australia, and Friends of the ISE.

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