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The Digital Montagny Project examines Recueil d’Antiquités, an early 19th-century album in the Getty Research Institute Special Collections (2004.M.12). This sketchbook was made by Elie-Honoré Montagny (1782-1864), a French artist who traveled to Italy in 1804 and 1805 to draw antiquities for Visconti’s work L’iconographie ancienne. He then established in Rome until 1815 where he worked as a draughtsman and copying antiquities and modern paintings. The sketchbook is composed of 430 drawings of antiquities once in Naples and Rome. This website offers a born-digital, critical edition of this sketchbook.

Under ‘Folios’ the album can be viewed page by page. Images are shown in high definition (zoom options are available). Each folio leads to corresponding drawing records, which can be found under the section ‘Records’ (this section brings together all of the data about each drawing and tracing in the album). Both the records and the entire digitized album can be downloaded.

It is possible to search by keyword (with afterwards the possibility to filter the results) or to browse by filters. In addition, the category ‘Indexes’ allows a different form of research: these indexes are linked to the metadata, with structured vocabularies related to specific terms. These terms are classified by category: archeological findspot of the object, its current location, iconography, object type and material, or persons.

The website also contains a bibliography and various essays on the album and its historical context.

The Digital Montagny Project is a project of the Institut National d’Histoire de l’Art, conceived in close collaboration with the Getty Research Institute.

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