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"The digital map collection of the University of Utrecht Library offers you the possibility to familiarize yourself with the university's wealth of historical maps. The University of Utrecht possesses a large collection of maps and atlases, a significant portion of which are located in the map room of the Faculty of Geosciences in the University Library (approx. 130.000 maps and 5.000 atlases).In addition, the map room of the Geosciences Library has a collection of geology and pedology maps (approx. 150 map series and 16.000 map sheets). On this website you will find the highlights from these collections in digital format, which allows them to be viewed at a closer range. Some of these collections are thoroughly annotated and provided with scientific explanations. You will find a variety of maps from the 16th to the 19th centuries: world maps, sea maps, and maps of the Netherlands. There are also a number of "special cartographical manifestations", for example, a combination of a map with a diagram that can be used to compare the lengths of rivers." The collection can be browsed by title, atlas/map series, geographical area and (sub-) collection and can also be searched by a variety of criteria. The following sub-collections exist (but be aware that these do not contain all maps): "Toonneel des Aerdrijcx Digital representation of a collection of old maps that were exhibited in the University Museum Utrecht on occasion of the 75th anniversary of the Geographical Institute of Utrecht University. Soil map of Belgium Digital representation of the Soil map of Belgium 1:20 000, published by het Comité voor het opnemen van de Bodemkaart en de Vegetatiekaart van België, Brussels, 1950-1971. This bilingual (Dutch and French) map series originates from the collections of the former Rijks Geologische Dienst in Haarlem and the former Bodemkundig Instituut van de Rijksuniversiteit Utrecht. 100 Thematic maps With the collection 100 Thematic Maps, the development of the thematic cartography is displayed using Dutch examples. Most of the examples come from the map collections of the Utrecht University Library, but this is not an Utrecht-only project: a number of the highlights were provided by other Dutch collections, which makes this a national project. Maps of Holland and Utrecht The collection Maps of Holland and Utrecht is a digital representation of a collection of printed maps from the provinces of Holland and Utrecht from the 16th through the 19th centuries. The maps, in total 111 from Holland and 12 from Utrecht, were donated to the University of Utrecht Library in 2006 by a private owner. They present a striking picture of the cartographical and geographical development of the Dutch main economic region. 400 Years of the telescope The collection 400 Years of the telescope is a digital representation of a collection of almost 100 celestial maps and prints from the 17th through the 20th centuries. The annotated images offer a varied overview of the development and highlights of 400 years of celestial cartography. This collection deals with two important astronomical milestones. First, in 2008 it is remembered that four centuries ago the telescope was invented in the Netherlands. Second, 2009 is the International Year of Astronomy."

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