Digital Dance Archives

Digital Dance Archives (DDA) brings together different dance archive collections, representing over 100 years of British dance. Its material comes from the National Resource Centre for Dance (NRCD) as well as Siobhan Davies RePlay (SDR). DDA contains photographs, artworks, videos, and various images, regarding modern, postmodern, and contemporary work.

Basic and advanced search on the entire website are possible. It is also possible to browse the material by collection, people, or time period. The collections are: Eilean Pearcey, Extemporary Dance Theatre, Harlequin Ballet, Kokuma Dance Theatre, Ludmila Mlada, Natural Movement, Revived Greek Dance, Rudolf Laban, Siobhan Davies Replay, V-TOL Dance Company, and Yolande Snaith Theatredance.

Both images and video are shown in the website (videos are live streamed).

Users can tag or annotate items, and make and share personalized scrapbooks. Some features (like the personalized scrapbooks) are only available on registration.

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