A digital corpus for Graeco-Arabic studies

Between the 8th and 10th century, hundreds of Greek philosophical, medical, and scientific works were translated into Arabic. A digital corpus for Graeco-Arabic studies assembles a wide range of Greek texts (especially by Aristotle, Galen, and Hippocrates) and their Arabic counterparts. It also includes a number of Arabic commentaries and important secondary sources. In November 2015 about 230 texts were available: about 60% Greek and 40% Arabic. The texts range in length from a couple of pages to several hundred pages, and they represent more than 180 works by 28 authors.

There are various ways to access the texts: by a list of authors and works (with the possibility to filter by language, subject, and text type) or by a search interface to search for Arabic or Greek words and phrases (with the possibility to filter by text date, author, subject, and text type).

The texts in the corpus can be consulted individually or side by side with their translation. They are accompanied by metadata. The majority of texts can also be downloaded in XML files.

This website is the result of a collaborative project at Harvard University and Tufts University, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation.

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