Digiberichte.de aims to advance research on late medieval and early modern European travel accounts. This project provides digitized editions and research literature on approximately 375 different travels and pilgrimages through Europe in historical times. The bibliographical database allows quick reference for the travel accounts. Due to copyright restrictions only literature from the 19th century and earlier is provided in full text.

The majority of the material provided here is based on the so called "analytical bibliographies" of medieval travel accounts that have been edited under the direction of Prof. Werner Paravicini and published by Peter Lang. Initially only bibliographies on German, French and Dutch travel accounts have been published, but there was always the idea of collecting material for the other European countries (especially Italy, England, Spain, Portugal, Scandinavia and East-Europe) as well. Digiberichte.de therefore collects information also for travellers from these countries that left accounts of their journey.’

The website contains both secondary literature regarding travel accounts as well as modern editions of primary sources. There are four main features, that can be accessed on the left bar of the site:

  • ‘Bibliography.’ Bibliography of secondary literature on travel accounts: for some titles only bibliographical records are available, other works can be consulted in fulltext as pdf.
  • ‘PDF Fulltext.’ This is a list of all the material on the website that is available in a digitized version: both secondary literature and editions of primary sources. It is also possible to do a basic search in the fulltext of all digitized material. (note: not all material will be taken into account in the search, since Optical Character Recognition quality is very low in some files, and in the case of Gothic print OCR was even impossible) Material is shown in pdf format, and can be downloaded.
  • Furthermore, travellers are sorted according to their native countries: Germany, Belgium/Netherlands, France, Italy, England, and Russia, which together comprise about 70% of all travels in the database. These lists can be browsed. For each traveller, detailed information on him and his travel account is given.
  • ‘Itineraries.’ This gives users the option to search within the bibliographical records of the travel accounts. In addition, there is a list of places that were part of the travellers’ itineraries: by clicking on a place, bibliographical records of all travel accounts that include this place are shown.

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