The diary of Samuel Pepys

In 1660 Samuel Pepys, an increasingly-important 26 year-old civil servant in London, began writing his diary. He stopped a decade later. The diary of Samuel Pepys contains the full text of his diary, along with several letters sent or received by Pepys, plus a large amount of information about the people, places, and events in Pepys’ life. The diary entries were published on this site daily, in real time, from January 2003 until May 2012. Readers could add explanations and comments. The diary entries began appearing on the front page again in January 2013, starting with 1 January 1660. They were taken from the 1893 edition by Henry B. Wheatley, which was a transcription of the original shorthand version.

The diary entries can be accessed through a chronological list. In addition, the website contains a selection of letters sent by or to Samuel Pepys. Like the diary entries, these are listed in chronological order and are shown in modern edition.

This website is run by Phil Gyford.

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