DHO:Discovery is a gateway to Irish digital collections and resources, information, and knowledge. It supports the interdisciplinary and inter-institutional sharing of knowledge throughout the HSIS (Humanities Serving Irish Society) consortium and digital research collections of Irish interest.

The website brings together sources from a large number of collections, dealing with a large variety of subjects, such as maps, letters, documents on Irish foreign policy, music, drawings and paintings of Ireland and Scotland, photographs, an inventory of architectural heritage, etcetera.

Both basic and advanced search are available. Results can be filtered by media format, collection, subject terms, language, and date of creation. It is also possible to browse by collection, type, subject, language, or creator. Under the option ‘Discover’ various types of data visualizations are offered, that can allow users to visually seek out patterns and linkage between data for further exploration. Many different types of visualizations are available, such as D3 Bubble visualization, word cloud, treemap visualization, and node-link visualization.

How the digital sources are displayed depends on the original collection that they are part of. Every image also contains a link to the original collection.

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