Deventer, boekenstad van Nederland

The Dutch city of Deventer was one of the main centres of printing in the Netherlands at the end of the 15th century, and one of the ten main centres of printing in Europe. In the centuries afterwards the city always remained connected with books. The website Deventer, boekenstad van Nederland has been launched at the 450th anniversary of the Stadsarchief en Athenaeumbibliotheek (city archive and library of the Athenaeum). It contains information about printers, writers, events related to books, antiquarian bookshops, and bookshops, all from Deventer. It also contains digitized primary sources, from the Stadsarchief en Athenaeumbibliotheek.

Entirely digitized books can be found in the section ‘Topstukken’ (treasures of the collection). In December 2015 117 items were available. Most of them are books, but there are also some other items, such as images. In addition, there are some fully digitized archives on the website.

The material can be browsed according to writer, printer, archive, books until 1800, and ‘topstukken.’ Basic search on the entire website is also possible.

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