Det Digitale Avisbibliotek
Det Digitale Avisbibliotek , the digital newspaper library in the National Library of Norway, provides access to Norwegian newspapers from 1763 until today. The National Library of Norway in Oslo participates in several international projects to develop appropriate solutions for the digitization and the presentation of newspapers on the web. The digital presentation of newspapers via the Internet is one of the several tools that the National Library of Norway has adopted to make available his national cultural heritage. In order to be able to read the newspapers, you have to download from the National Library directly, the ViewONE pro software which is available for free. The following list of newspapers is available:
  • Aftenposten
  • Avisbibliografi II
  • Avisbibliografi I
  • Bergens tidende
  • Dagbladet 1905
  • Den Norske Rigstidende
  • Harstad Tidende
  • Illustreret Nyhetsblad
  • Morgenbladet
  • Nordlands Avis I
  • Nordlands Avis II
  • Norsk Kundgjørelsestidende
  • Norske Intelligenssedler
  • Ranens Tidende
  • Social-demokraten
  • Svalbardposten
  • Trondhjems Adresseavis
  • URD
  • Verdens Gang I
  • Waren Sardne
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