Democrazia proletaria

'Democrazia proletaria' was a far-left Italian political party, which existed from 1975 until 1991. This website contains a part of the material produced by this party. The material comes mainly from two archives: the ‘Fondo Archivio’ of the ‘Federazione di Democrazia Proletaria’ di Vicenza, and the private archive of Andrea Pizzitola. More material will be added in the future.

Various parts of the website contain digital primary sources: ‘Congressi’, ‘Rivista’, ‘Convegni’, ‘Elezioni’, ‘Referendum’, ‘Formazione’, ‘Materiali’ (sorted by theme: work, household, school, women, environment, antimilitarism, pensions, state), ‘Immagini’ (sorted by type: posters, cards, stickers, photos)

It is possible to download the material, either in JPEG format or in PDF format.

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