Databank verkiezingsuitslagen - Dutch Election Results
This database has been created by the Dutch Election Council: "It includes the election results for all representative bodies since the introduction of the direct ballot in 1848. These are the results for the House, the Senate, the European Parliament since 1979, provincial and municipal councils. In addition the results of national referenda are included (of which sofar one has taken place in 2005). Election results can be obtained for the national, provincial, municipal and constituency level. Data are available through tables and geographic maps. It is also possible to compare the results of two elections for the same geographical unit, for example, a province or a municipality. Over time, the Dutch electoral system changed several times. In most cases these changes hardly affect the database. However, the transfer of the district system to proportional representation in 1918 has had important implications for the design and operation of the database. Under the district system (1848-1918) people voted in election districts on individuals and constituencies; under the system of proportional representation (1918-present) they vote on lists. It is therefore logical to divide the database in the period before and after 1918. Therefore users have to make a choice between the period before and after 1918 before enetering the database."

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