Dante Gabriel Rossetti Archive
Edited by Jerome J.McGann, the Dante Gabriel Rossetti Hypermedia Archive "facilitates the scholarly study of Dante Gabriel Rossetti, the painter, designer, writer, and translator who was, according to both John Ruskin and Walter Pater, the most important and original artistic force in the second half of the nineteenth century in Great Britain. [...] Completed in 2008, the Archive provides students and scholars with access to all of DGR's pictorial and textual works and to a large contextual corpus of materials, most drawn from the period when DGR's work first appeared and established its reputation (approximately 1848-1920), but some stretching back to the 14th-century sources of his Italian translations. All documents are encoded for structured search and analysis. The Rossetti Archive aims to include high-quality digital images of every surviving documentary state of DGR's works: all the manuscripts, proofs, and original editions, as well as the drawings, paintings, and designs of various kinds, including his collaborative photographic and craft works. These primary materials are transacted with a substantial body of editorial commentary, notes, and glosses." [...] "The first installment (Spring 2000) centered in the 1870 volume of DGR's Poems and the pictorial materials most closely associated with that book. The second installment (Summer 2002) added to the first all the textual and pictorial materials that center in DGR's 1861 book of translations, The Early Italian Poets. The third installment (Summer 2005) focused on Rossetti's 1881 publications: Ballads and Sonnets and Poems. A New Edition and related material. The fourth close the production of the Rossetti Archive by bringing in all posthumous material and ensuring that all texts have been thoroughly proofed. Throughout the development of the Archive, new images of Rossetti's art objects have become available and have been incorporated. Beginning with the third installment and continuing through Summer 2008, Rossetti Archive commentary has being updated and text transcriptions were being rigorously proofed. The third and fourth installments also play host to a new interface for pictures, texts, and commentaries, as part of a full-scale redesign of the Rossetti Archive. The Archive is partnering in a pilot aggregation of nineteenth-century resources, NINES.

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