is a website of the French Ministry of Culture and Communication. It gives access to 44 databases, with a total of over 5.8 million documents and over 4.3 million images (in August 2015). In addition, the website contains didactic material, 6 million geneological data, articles, multimedia, and various other types of resources. In total the website integrates 78 different websites.

The digital primary sources can be accessed through ‘Moteur Collections.’ This search machine searches in the various resources that are produced by the French Ministry of Culture and Communications and the institutions that it supports (such as the Musée du Louvre, the Bibliothèque nationale de France, etc.): databases, electronic publications, virtual exhibitions, etcetera. It also searches in the collections of partner institutions, such as local libraries, regional services, and museums. In total, over 5.8 million and documents and over 4.3 million images can be searched.

Basic and advanced search are possible, after which various filter options become available. In addition there are thematic collections: in August 2015 there were 485 different collections. By selecting an item the user is redirected to the website where this item is available.

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