Croatian memories. Unveiling personal memories on war and detention

The aim of the project Croatian memories. Unveiling personal memories on war and detention is "to affirm personal memories of all interested witnesses of political events in Croatia and to preserve them from falling into oblivion. It also seeks to initiate and strengthen personal and social processes of dealing with the past, which it sees as necessary prerequisites for building sustainable peace and stability in societies." More than 1000 people were contacted by the project, and a selection was made in order to provide a certain level of representative interviews. In the course of 2010 more than 400 video interviews were recorded. A large part of the video materials has been transcribed, translated and made available in the video archive of this website, while a part of the interviews is available only for research in Documenta: Center for dealing with the past. The Center wants "to contribute to the development of individual and social process of dealing with the past, in order to build a sustainable peace in Croatia and the region by deepening the dialogue and initiating a public debate on public policies that encourages dealing with the past, collecting data, publishing research on war events, war crimes and violations of human rights, and monitoring war crimes trials at the local and regional level as a contribution to the improvement of court standards and practices in the war crimes trials."

The video interviews can be found in the category Video archiveIt is possible to do a free text search, or to choose from lists of subtitles (categories are: theme, place, region, name, gender, and/or year of birth). For each video interview either the whole interview can be viewed, or separate chapters. Each chapter concerns a different theme. The videos have English subtitles.

The project was financed by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs under Matra Programme: supporting social transition. It is a joint project by Documenta, the Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, the Universiteit Twente, DANS, and Noterik.

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