Croatiae auctores Latini (CroALa)

Croatiae auctores Latini (CroALa) is a digital collection of texts by Croatian Latin authors, and by authors somehow connected with people and the region of today’s Croatia. The collection contains works from the Middle Ages (in December 2014 the oldest text included dates from 976) until the modern period (in December 2014, a series of Latin poems from 1984). The collection focuses on Croatian Latin in the widest possible sense. Therefore, it is open to literary and non-literary texts, prose and poetry, short works and longer ones, works of high literary value and trivial documents. In December 2014, the project contains 449 documents (with a total of over 5 million words) from 181 authors.

The texts are coded in TEI XML. The system used for searching and displaying the texts and its pieces is called PhiloLogic, an open-source, full-text search, and retrieval system developed by the ARTFL project and the Digital Library Development Center of the University of Chicago.

CroALa is based at the University of Zagreb.

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