CORRAL (UK Colonial Registers and Royal Navy Logbooks)

The CORRAL project "uses late 18th to early 20th century archive material to enhance the global coverage of daily to sub-daily weather observations". The data comes from "Royal Navy ship's logbooks (from ships of voyages of scientific discovery and those in the service of the Hydrographic Survey) and coastal and island records contained in UK Colonial documents. This provides meteorological recordings from marine sites back to the 18th Century."

"Long before official records were kept of weather conditions, the captains of naval vessels were recording changes in climate via their official ship’s log - this project holds information on the climates of past centuries via the digitised ship’s logs of 200-year-old voyages. Archives from lighthouses in the Caribbean further enhance the meteorological information available, alongside links to other international climate statistics databases. (...) The voyages covered were all commissioned with goals linked to further exploration of the North Pole region and the search for the North West Passage. As such, they serve as invaluable early 19th century sources of climactic data for the Arctic region."

The abstracted data from the lighthouses are available as a set of Excel files. The data from the various log books are contained in scanned images in JPEG format. Users can view and download the available logbooks.

The CORRAL research group was funded by the JISC. It has three principal partners: The University of Sunderland; The UK Met Office Hadley Centre; and The British Atmospheric Data Centre.

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