Congreso de los Diputados

The website of the Congreso de los Diputados and its documentation service offers direct access to several digitised primary sources relating to the history of the Spanish Parliament from 1810 until today:

  • Archivo Histórico de Diputados (1810 - 1977): the historical archive of members of parliament. Users can either browse a historical index of the members in the period 1810-1977 or perform an advanced search using a variety of criteria.
  • Biblioteca Digital: a digital library containing all available full-text publications of the parliamentary library (registration is required)
  • Intervenciones: parliamentary speeches and interventions. Users can search either all interventions, or those from a specific legislative period, by keyword, the title of the intervention, the name of the speaker and his/her position within the parliament and/or in a given political party.
  • Iniciativas: legislative initiatives. They can be searched in the same way as the interventions above.

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