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The The Collection Online  project is part of the website of the New York City Metropolitan Museum of Art. In June 2014 the online collection contained nearly 400.000 records.

The collection contains reproduction of art works from all over the world and spans thousands of years. Many different types of works are included, among which sculptures, bronze, steel, ivory, paintings, costumes, jewelry, reliefs, ceramics, books, and many other ones. There are different ways to browse the website: according to artist/maker/culture, methods/materials, geographic locations, date/era, or departments. Basic search options, as well as some more advanced search options, are also available to retrieve primary sources available in Open Access.

For each record describing a source, various types of information are given. Although not all of the records also contain a digitized image, many of them do. Whenever a digitized image is available, it is also possible to zoom in on the image or to download it.

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