Codices Electronici Sangallenses (CESG)

Codices Electronici Sangallenses (CESG) offers access to a growing number of medieval- and selected early modern manuscripts and codices of the Abbey Library of St. Gallen, one of the oldest and most important manuscript libraries in the world. Begun as an individual project, it is now part of its larger successor project, the Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland e-codices that aims to 'present all medieval manuscripts and a selection of early modern manuscripts in Switzerland via a virtual library.'

The current project phase, entitled "The Abbey Library of St. Gall, with its 2,100 manuscripts, is among the oldest and most significant manuscript libraries in the world. Half of the manuscripts, or codices, were produced in the middle ages, with about 400 volumes produced before the year 1000 A.D. UNESCO inscribed the Convent of St. Gall complex as a World Heritage Center in 1983. Today, CESG forms one component of a larger successor project, e-codices: The Virtual Manuscript Library of Switzerland ( The Virtual Abbey Library of St. Gall", is funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation of New York. The primary goal of this project phase is to complete digitization and indexing of all the 355 manuscripts held by the Abbey Library of St. Gall."

All manuscripts in CESG are offered as high-resolution images. The website is multi-lingual. See also the e-codices entry in this portal.The descriptions of the manuscripts can be searched 'either using Full Text or using specific access points (Author, Manuscript title, Text title, Place of origin, Incipit, Explicit, and Decoration). Search results include description text snippets that contain the search term and, depending on the search, either a link to the beginning of the appropriate manuscript or a direct link to the desired location in the text (Incipit or Text title, for example). Boolean operators, wildcards and fuzzy searches are supported.

The manuscripts themselves are presented as high resolution colour images in a browser window with zoom function. Single pages can also be printed under a creative commons license as PDFs that include all bibliographical information. All images have permalinks and DOI descriptors, which makes them easy to process in bibliographic databases.

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