Codice Pelavicino

Codice Pelavicino is a project existing since 2014. It provides a digital edition of the Codice Pelavicino, a manuscript kept at the Archivio Capitolare Lunense in Sarzana. This manuscript consists of 446 pages and contains various texts, among which also the Liber Iurium of the church of Luni. The main person responsible for its redaction was Bishop Enrico da Fucecchio (r.1273-1289), who sought to protect the possessions and rights of the church of Luni.

Under ‘Accesso al codice’ the digital edition can be accessed. In January 2016 the project was still under development. 145 documents of the Liber Iurium of the bishop of Luni had been covered, and others will be added regularly.

Various viewing options are available. It is possible to see two pages of the codex at the same time, or to divide the screen in two columns: in the left column users can choose to see either the digitized original or a description, while on the right side the user can choose to see a summary of the text or the edition. The digitized original is shown in high definition, with zoom options. In the edition there are some terms that, by hovering over them, lead to further explanations (for example normalized dates). Some comments about the page in question are also available. It is possible to search in the text of the edition of single pages. In addition, there is an index of people and of places. The website also contains extensive information about the codex and its context.

The project is carried out by a team of people from different universities in Italy, directed by Enrica Salvatori from the University of Pisa.

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