In association with other partners the Italian Centro sperimentale di cinematografia and the Archivio Nazionale Cinema d'Impresa in Ivrea near Turin (viale della Liberazione, 4 - 10015 Ivrea (Turin) - Italy tel. 012.5230204 - fax 012.5230441, email:, have created a web tv channel to view a selection of 300 films dealing with business history, the history of technologies and scientific inventions, marketing, advertising activities, etc.. Each video is accompanied by a short description. The cinema about business activities has been, throughout the twentieth century, an important area of industrial policy, and led to the production of many documents. Thousands of movies deal with all aspects of corporate life, embracing a comprehensive look at the production - with the worker's assembly , the educational films for the workers, the production processes, the advertising of new products and inventions, together with the documentation of the specific relationship with consumers through advertising. Business cinema is describing the evolution of the Italian society. You should have installed Adobe Flash player to view the videos.

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