Chartae Burgundiae Medii Aevi

The Chartae Burgundiae Medii Aevi (CBMA) project of the 5594 ARTeHIS. Archéologie, Terre, Histoire, Sociétés offers access to thousands of legal and diplomatic documents and hundreds of cartularies from Medieval Burgundy (foundation acts, wills, pontifical privileges, etc.) The project started in 2004 and is part of a more extended project « Chartes et pouvoir au Moyen Âge » developed on a collection of documents that gathers Burgundian charters edited from before the XIIIth century (charters belonging to Cluny, Jully-les-Nonains Priory, etc.). CBMA established a research partnership with Région Bourgogne (2007-2009) and l’ ANR ESPACHAR (2008-2011) for enlarging the project with syntheses about Burgundian cartularies and historiography, articles about specific collections, a studying program of unpublished manuscripts and a project for documentation in image mode. The documents are available in txt, doc, pdf, image and FilemakerPro and they can be browsed using the Philologic program (you can restrict your search results by date, title, author, keywords, etc.). The database contains also, unpublished cartularies from Medieval Burgundy offered in collaboration with Archives départementales de la Côte-d'Or (they can be downloaded).

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