CHARM Sound Files

The section Sound Files of the Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music (CHARM) provides digital access to almost 5000 sound files.

"All sound files are transferred from 78rpm discs held by the King's Sound Archive at King's College London, under the CHARM transfer project and the subsequent JISC-funded 'Musicians of Britain and Ireland, 1900-1950'." Users can either search or browse the discography, or the archive of sound files directly.

"Apart from a special focus on Schubert songs, the CHARM transfers aimed to cover a broad range of performers in Classical repertoire, avoiding where possible tracks that were already widely available in CD or online reissues. (...) Each file transfers one side of a 78rpm disc: sides are not edited together. The transfers available for download include appropriate equalisation and light noise reduction, leaving the musical signal intact." The sound files use the lossless FLAC format, which can be played with Winamp, Songbird and numerous other media players. A detailed description of the procedures used can be found here.

CHARM was an AHRC Research Centre, consisting of a partnership of three universities (Royal Holloway, University of London, King's College, London, and University of Sheffield); technical development was carried out in conjunction with the Centre for Computing in the Humanities (King's College, London).

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