Charles Darwin’s Library
Charles Darwin’s Library is a digital edition and virtual reconstruction of the surviving books owned by Charles Darwin. The collection "draws on original copies and surrogates from other libraries. It also provides full transcriptions of his annotations and marks. In this first release (2011) we provide 330 of the 1480 titles in his library, concentrating on the most heavily annotated books." “The portion of the Darwin Library now published at the Biodiversity Heritage Library constitutes Phase 1 of a collaborative project to digitise the Darwin Library works and to provide transcriptions of Darwin’s marginalia side by side with the pages he marked. Phase 1 presents images and marginalia for 330 books, represents 22% of the total 1480 Darwin Library book titles. But, more significantly, these 330 titles represent 44% of the 743 Darwin books that bear his annotations or marks. The latter comprise 28951 annotated and marked book pages and 1624 attached note slips. Plans for further phases to complete digital publication of the remainder of the Darwin Library are now under consideration.” Users can search the library either by "books/journals" or by "annotations". The search tabs in the books section are; title; author last name; volume; edition; year. In the annotations section it is also possible to look for a specific word or phrase. A transcription pane faces each page that Darwin marked or wrote notes on.

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