From cemetery to clinic

From cemetery to clinic is a website containing digitized pathological data from archaeological leprous skeletons. The project was set up to create an interactive resource on the pathological manifestations of leprosy (Hansen's disease) in skeletons excavated from the medieval leprosarium of St. James and St. Mary Magdalene, Chichester in Southern England in 1986-87 and 1992 by Chichester District Archaeological Unit. The leprosarium was founded circa 1118 AD and was used as a leprosarium until at least 1418. Of the 384 individuals excavated a minimum of 75 individuals show skeletal lesions which are likely to have been due to leprosy. The Chichester collection is the only large scale excavated and published archaeological assemblage of leprosarium patients in the UK, and one of a handful worldwide.

The project combines new clinical descriptions with 3D data. The 3D models can be downloaded in various formats.

The website also contains a digitized archive of 400 historic clinical x-radiographs taken of living leprous patients in Ethiopia 30 years ago, in order to provide additional context. These can be downloaded in JPEG format.

This is a project of the Biological Anthropology Research Centre at the University of Bradford. It was funded by JISC.

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