Catastro del Marqués de la Ensenada
The "Respuestas Generales del Catastro del Marqués de la Ensenada " is a "large-scale census and statistical investigation which was conducted in the Crown of Castile (13.000 places including Galicia and Andalusia, but not including the Basque provinces, Navarre or the Crown of Aragon). It included population, territorial properties, buildings, cattle, offices, all kinds of revenue and trades, and even geographical information from each place. It was encouraged by king Fernando VI of Spain and his minister the Marquis of Ensenada, and is known today as the Catastro of Ensenada." (From en.Wikipedia) The "Respuestas Generales" are available in the "Archivo General de Simancas" and digitization was made to protect the originals. Now 350.000 images of all the manuscripts are offered as a digital project part of PARES, Portal de Archivos Españoles.

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