The Casebooks Project

The Casebooks Project is a digital edition of Simon Forman’s and Richard Napier’s medical records, 1596-1634. Forman and Napier were two of the most popular astrologers in early modern England. Through four decades, Forman and Napier recorded ca.80.000 consultations. People would consult them for example on what their disease was, if they were pregnant, and whether they would die.

This project offers a searchable and browsable database of transcriptions. This is an ongoing project. It is possible to browse by case (in August 2015 almost 33.000 cases were available), calendar entry (in August 2015, over 4.400 entries), or supplementary manuscripts. Advanced search in the cases or in the calendar of additional texts is also possible. Users can also go to a specific case or person file.

Each case is shown in two columns: on the left either normalised text or diplomatic text, on the right the digital scan of the original (in high definition, with zoom options). Metadata are alo provided.

The website also offers extensive additional information on the casebooks and on how to read them.

The full project began in 2010 an will run to 2017, supported by a programme grant from the Wellcome Trust and in partnership with the Bodleian Libraries. The website is hosted by the University of Cambridge.

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