Campi Fascisti

Campi Fascisti is a website that collects documents, testimonies, photographs, and other material about the Italian internment camps in the fascist period. These were camps that were used by the Italian state to imprison and deport foreigners, political opponents, Jews, homosexuals, and Romani people, in the period that went from Mussolini’s rise to power (1922) to the end of World War II (1945).

The website is organized according to the geographical places that were relevant to these internment camps. At the moment there are ten categories:

  • ‘campi di concentramento’
  • ‘campi di lavoro coatto’
  • ‘campi di transito’
  • ‘località di confino’
  • ‘località di internamento’
  • ‘località di soggiorno obbligatorio’
  • ‘carceri’
  • ‘campi per prigionieri di guerra P.G.’
  • ‘campi P.G. distaccamenti di lavoro’
  • ‘campi provinciali RSI (Repubblica sociale italiana)’
  • In addition, there is a category for ‘campi da definire’, for camps whose role is yet unknown

It is possible to search for a specific place in various ways: by browsing through a general list, or by browsing through the lists of categories of places. Within these lists it is possible to limit the results according to the following options: ‘alle dipendenze di’, ‘funzione’, ‘tipologia di internati’, ‘nazione’, ‘regione’, or ‘provincia.’ Furthermore, it is possible to find a specific place by indicating it on maps. When a specific place is selected, a description of the camp is shown, as well as links to the available sources and bibliography concerning this camp. Primary sources include testimonies (audio and/or transcriptions), photographs, videos, and digitized archival material such as letters. At the moment around 800 documents are available on the website.

In addition to finding archival material through the place that it is linked to, it is also possible to find it by browsing through a list of all the archival material available on the website (under ‘documenti’), a list of all the documents that are not directly linked to a geographical place (under ‘disposizioni’), and lists of direct and indirect testimonies (under ‘testimonianze’).

The website is based on the research and the material collected for the project I campi fascisti: dalle guerre in Africa alla Repubblica di Salò. The website is funded by the Europe for Citizens Programme, the Fondazione Museo della Shoah, and Audiodoc.

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