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The British School at Rome (BSR) was founded in 1901, as an institute for research in archaeology and Italian studies. Thousands of photographs, maps, and rare prints from the BSR collections are available online in the section Library and Archive Digital Collections. In December 2014 almost 20.000 images were available, from the following collections:

  • Photographs (1864 – 1877): John Henry Parker
  • Photographs (1890 – 1910): Peter Paul Mackey
  • Photographs (1892 – 1926): Thomas Ashby: photographs of Abruzzo and aqueducts of Lazio
  • Photographs (1913 – 1914): Robert Gardner: photographs of the via Appia and the via Traiana, particularly the stretch from Benevento to Brindisi
  • Photographs (1946 – 1974): John Bryan Ward-Perkins: South-Etruria / Libya / War Damage series
  • Prints (XVI – XVIII cent.): Thomas Ashby, Miscellanea collection
  • Maps (XVII – XIX cent.): Library collection
  • Drawings (1810 – 1830): James Hakewill

Basic and advanced search are possible. The material can be also browsed by name, subject, place, or type (photographs, maps, prints, documents, manuscripts, paintings, drawings, postcards).

Each image is accompanied by extenisve information. Images are shown in high definition, and zoom options are available. Image and accompanying record can be downloaded together, in PDF format.

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