British Portrait Miniatures

British Portrait Miniatures is an online catalogue that brings together the miniature portraits held in several collections of the Cleveland Museum of Art, a museum that owns also an important collection of European paintings and sculptures from 1500 to 1800.

At present, this dynamic and growing collection comprises about 170 portrait miniatures, mostly from the UK and France, but also from other European countries. It covers the period from the 16th to the 20th centuries.

"The publication of this digital catalogue is ongoing as segments are completed. Installments are grouped and released according to national school and date. The sections may be read online or printed by individual entry or artist. It is often impossible in print publications to include a generous amount of related images, but in striving to take advantage of the more flexible character of this digital catalogue, we have made it a priority to incorporate visually compelling comparative works from other collections. We have also endeavored to integrate pertinent conservation photographs in recognition of the wealth of information revealed by the dissection of these objects, whose social histories are often inscribed in their complex and changing physical compositions."

The miniatures can be browsed directly on the website, where they are arranged by artist name; however, they are also catalogued in the comprehensive catalogue of the museum where searches can be refined using keywords, so that searching for the persons that are depicted is possible too. In addition, keywords can be truncated with an asterisk (*).

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