The British Cabinet Papers, 1915-1978
The British National Archives, British Cabinet, 1915-1978 series is fully visible online and searchable (with advanced search features). "You can find a collection of carefully chosen cabinet papers by browsing the relevant historical topics", viewing all themes, or selecting "The United Kingdom and the world" (* Total war * Limited war, conflict and the politics of defence * Empire, Commonwealth and de-colonisation * Diplomacy and foreign relations); "The economy, business and resources" ( * Industry, agriculture and commerce * Infrastructure, energy and natural resources); "Society and the Welfare State" ( * Law, liberty and society * Welfare, social security and self-help * Education).
  • Digitisation of the UK Cabinet freely accessible primary sources documents from the United Kingdom National Archives, the British Cabinet, 1915-1978, was possible thanks to the JISC Digitisation Programme.
  • The National Archives DocumentsOnline also offer free access to old microfilmed materials from the archives now available in PDF format. See here
  • Other series of digital primary sources accessible using the National Archives portal DocumentsOnline are not free "DocumentsOnline allows you online access to The National Archives' collection of digitised public records, including both academic and family history sources [...] free of charge on public access PCs at The National Archives", only.

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