Brevets français 19e siècle
Brevets français 19e siècle offers free online access to French patents from the year 1791 to 1844. At present, there are some 17,000 records with about 160,000 images available. A record includes the patent application made by the applicant; the patent specification; the rapport of Advisory Committee of Arts and Manufactures; correspondence between the Committee and the applicant; and sometimes some additional information. Users can search by file number; title; applicant name; address; profession; and year. The extensive search options are clearly described on the following page. Brevets français 19e siècle is maintained by the French Patent Office (INPI), the "Institut National de la propriété industrielle". The goal of the INPI is to complete the series of digitised patents from 1845 to 1902 as well.

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