BOhisto – Bozen-Bolzano’s history online

BOhisto – Bozen-Bolzano’s history online provides access to the old minutes of the municipal council of the Italian city of Bozen-Bolzano. This city is one of the main urban centres of Tyrol, situated on an important transalpine route between Germany and Italy. From the 15th century onwards the Habsburg rulers allowed the city to govern itself. Hence, the city government could rely on its own council. This was strengthened by a privilege granted by King Frederick III in 1442. In January 2016 more than 140 digitized codices were available online, dating from 1322 to 1805. This number will increase in the future. The documents shed light on the city’s administration, economy, and townspeople’s life.

The documents can be browsed chronologically, and within each document by page. Pages are shown in high definition (zoom options available) and can be downloaded in PDF and JPEG format. Documents can also be downloaded in their entirety (in PDF format).

This is a project of the city of Bolzano, bz.history, the Bolzano city archive, and tranScriptorium.

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