BibNum is a website containing scientific texts that have been chosen by present-day scientists for their importance in science and technology. Texts, dating from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century, come from the following fields:

  • Arithmetic and computer science
  • Chemistry
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Engineering
  • Earth science
  • Life sciences
  • Social sciences

All sources on the website are in French, although some of them were not originally written in French. In case of translation, French translations have been chosen that chronologically speaking were produced close to the original. Many texts are accompanied by analyses of present-day scholars and by bibliographical references.

It is possible to browse through all texts or sorted by topic. In addition, there is the option to search for words or expressions, in both description of the texts and the texts themselves at the same time. By clicking on tags, related texts can be found.

It is possible to zoom in on the pages, to browse through them, or to show all pages of a text at once. Texts can be downloaded in PDF-format. Some texts have been digitized by BibNum, while others are originally hosted on other websites.

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