Bibliothèque virtuelle André Desguine
Since 2007 the Desguine Library in the Département des Hauts-de-Seine in France, has undertaken a massive digitisation project of part of its collection and created a "Digital Virtual Library". The Library did so to facilitate the free online consultation of its most precious and fragile documents. The digitised collection in the Desguine Virtual Library gives online access to various types of archival materials : incunable, book, lithography, almanach, etc., from the 15th century to the 20th century. The documents available for the period of the French revolutionary period (1789-1799) are chosen for their specific interest and because the revolutionary period is often absent from other websites. The Desguine Virtual Library focus also upon iconographic documents. Each document is presented with a complete bibliographical description. To search the database, users may either browse the collection with the function nuage de mots (word cloud), or browse by author, title and date using the function tous les ouvrages (all records). Furthermore, it is possible to select a domain of research from the home page (words in grey) itself. Results appear as list of documents according to authors. To see the complete bibliographical information about published digital documents, users must click on Notice. Instead, to view the full document, users must click on PDF, the format chosen to digitise sources. Finally, to limit better the list of results, it is possible to add further criterias in the left column of the page.

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