Biblioteche Filosofiche
The Scuola Normale di Pisa and the Università di Cagliari have put together a website that gives insight into the Biblioteche dei Filosofi, the "Private Modern and Contemporary Philosophical Libraries" of some well-known philosophers, scientists and scholars in the early modern and contemporary era's. "Once the catalogues and inventories of libraries have been chosen and made available to scholars, they can be profitably used not only to reconstruct the “material” history of the institutions, but also from a broader perspective to look at the cultural profile of individual authors or of entire periods of intellectual history. ... In many cases, knowledge of private libraries allows the scholar to rectify threadbare interpretations and to remove an author from the clichés of manuals." The catalogues of private libraries were collected in various European countries and printed over the last four centuries. Users can browse by the name of a philosopher and retrieve and download its library catalogue now digitised as a PDF file; unfortunatelly no search functionality within single catalogues and in a database containing the whole library of catalogues are possible.

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