Biblioteca Municipal de Estudios Locales de La Coruña (BMEL)
The Biblioteca Municipal de Estudios Locales of La Coruña, Spain (BMEL) is a research library devoted to the interdisciplinary study of the city of La Coruña and also of the region of Galicia. The BMEL is one of the very few existing public research libraries on local studies in Spain and one of its main projects, aimed at promoting the online availability of local sources on contemporary Galician history, is the digitisation of different Galician newspapers and periodicals under the auspices of the Higher Galician Bibliographic Centre. This project is currently in progress and will offer a channel of comparison with other local histories through media primary sources. In addition, through the website of the BMEL (available in English, Spanish and Galician) it is possible to consult various collections of digitised sources:
  • 2.500 digitised posters
  • publications on politics and government in La Coruña
  • local history journals on local history
  • theatre and performing arts
  • musical sources (including 7.000 musical scores of the Ramiro Cartelle collection)
In addition to consulting primary sources online users can also access the recently created wiki on local historical figures.

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