Biblioteca Malatestiana
Documents were digitised by the Biblioteca Malatestiana in Cesena, one of the oldest public libraries in Europe. It comprises the only 15th-century humanist library in the world that has been preserved in its entirety and in the same setting for over 550 years. Since 2005 the library has been included in the UNESCO register of the 'Memory of the world'. Through its website the library gives access to different parts of its collections online:

  • Manuscripts held in the Biblioteca Malatestiana (with full bibliographical descriptions)
  • Sources related to the history of Cesena:
    • Periodici Cesenati on-line (Fantasio, Il Cittadino, il Savio)
    • Blasone Cesenate
    • Le medaglie della collezione Comandini
    • I patrioti di Cesena nei moti risorgimentali
    • I movimenti giovanili nella provincia di Forlì-Cesena 68/77
    • Archivio caduti cesenati prima guerra mondiale
    • Le Cronache Cesenati di Mattia Mariani
    • Inventario dell'archivio Renato Serra
    • Archivio Zavatti
    • Archivio delle miniere solfuree della Romagna
    • Archivio Lelli Mami

Sources can be accessed either directly on the site or through links to other websites made for the purpose. In some cases sources are provided as photographs or PDF files of the original, in others as transcriptions that can be downloaded as PDFs, while in yet other cases access is given only to inventories of archives, but not to the archival pieces themselves.

The website is funded by the Istituzione Biblioteca Malatestiana and the Comune di Cesena.

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