Biblioteca Italiana

Biblioteca Italiana is a digital library of texts from the cultural and literary tradition of Italy from the Middle Ages until the 20th century. Four sections of the website contain primary sources:

  • Bibit. Contains over 1600 works. For some works the digitized original is available; others are available in modern edition.
  • Scrittori d’Italia. Digital version of the series Scrittori d’Italia, founded in 1910 by publishing house Laterza. The series contains 287 volumes, for a total of 179 works.
  • Incunaboli volgari. Digitized versions of over 1600 incunables in Italian vernacular, from ca. 70 libraries in Italy and abroad.
  • Collezioni speciali. Original documentation on the works Il cortegiano of Castiglione and Orlando Furioso of Ariosto.

Each of the collections can be browsed separately. In addition, basic and advanced search in all four collections are possible. The works are available for download.

This website is maintained by Sapienza – Università di Roma.

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