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The Biblioteca Gino Bianco was founded by the journalist and militant socialist Gino Bianco (1932-2005), who bequeathed his private archive and library to the Alfred Lewin Foundation. The library is dedicated to 'the problem of memory, with particular reference to the genocides of the twentieth century, starting with the Holocaust. Its main objective is to render this memory ‘alive’ so that its crucial importance is recognised, especially among younger generations. A reflection on what we have called ‘the other tradition’ – pertaining to the non-Marxist tradition of the socialist workers’ movement. [...] The Library is particularly interested in the militant journals of the twentieth century (‘minority’ rather than mainstream publications) [...].' On its website the Biblioteca Gino Bianco gives acces to some of these journals:

  • Tempo Presente, 1956-1963 (39 issues)
  • politics, 1944-1949 (42 issues) (A journal belonging to the American radical left, Director Dwight Macdonald
  • L'Unità, 1911-1920 (366 issues) (Directed by Gaetano Salvemini)
  • Giustizia e Libertà, 1934-1939 (191 issues) (Full collection)
  • Il Quarto Stato, 1926 (17 issues) (Full collection)
  • Entretiens politiques & littéraires, 1890-1892 (16 issues)
  • La Voce, 1980-1909 (18 issues)
  • Critica Sociale (1891-1910) 
  • Fiera Letteraria (1946-1955), 
  • La Nuova Europa (1944-1946) 
  • Lo Stato Moderno (1944-1949)
  • Uomo: quaderno di letteratura (1943-1945) 
  • Volontà (1946-1967)
  • Mercurio (1944-1948) 
  • La Critica Politica (new series; 1945-1950)

The articles of these journals have been indexed and each issue of a journal can also browsed by page, in an online reader with high resolution images. Images cannot be downloaded, but PDF files can be ordered from the library paying a fee. Apart from the journals, Gino Bianco also gives online access to several books and pamphlets and to parts of the private archive and publications of Andrea Caffi.

These digitalisation projects have been financed by the Fondazione Alfred Lewin, the Regione Emilia-Romagna, the Provincia di Forlì-Cesena and the Fondazione Cassa dei Risparmi di Forlì.

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