Biblioteca Digitale Reggiana

The Digital Library, Biblioteca Digitale Reggiana, is a project by the Biblioteca Panizzi Reggio Emilia (Library of Reggio Emilia, Italy) and is divided in four categories:

  • Giornali e Riviste (newspapers and journals) contains newspapers of regional importance: Giornale di Reggio (1848), Pruspron (1877 - 1882), Lo Scamiciato (1882 - 1884), Il Ribelle (1884 - 1885), La Giustizia (1886 - 1925)(available from the Camillo Prampolini website), Il Punto Nero (1894), Cirano di Bergerac (1902 - 1905), Il Solco Fascista (1928 - 1945), Reggio Democratica (1945 - 1950)(not available yet).
  • Manoscritti (manuscripts): 14th, 15th and 18th century.
  • Reggio nella storia (Reggio in history): monographs about the history of the region.
  • I protagonisti (The protagonists): a selection of documents on persons of local importance, including a link to the Camillo Prampolini website or using the specific EHPS entry. The collection can only be searched by issue, although the newspapers can be browsed by date individually.

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