Biblioteca Digitale delle Donne
The Biblioteca italiana delle Donne ("Italian Women's Library") in Bologna, Italy, has started to digitize its own collections creating a Biblioteca Digitale delle Donne (Women's Italian Digital Library). Three sections are available online: a digitized books section, a digitized posters section and a historical journals section. "The Italian Women's Library (Via del Piombo, 5, 40215 Bologna, Italy) was born at the end of the Seventies as part of Women's Documentation, Research and Initiative Centre, thanks to a project originated by Associazione Orlando - an indipendent feminist organisation - which wished to create an institution devoted to women's culture and political activism. The Associazione Orlando manages the Library via a contractual agreement with its main sponsor, the Municipal Council of Bologna for the "City of Bologna Women's Documentation, Research and Initiative Centre", and thanks to funding support from the Emilia-Romagna Regional Giunta, the Italian Ministry of Culture and the Carisbo Foundation. The Italian Women's Library is today the principal collection specialized in women's culture, gender and feminist studies [in Italy].The Library has a collection of 30.000 books, 20.000 of which are already included in the SBN-National Library System Catalogue, and 495 periodicals, 141 of which currently published." The entire historical collection of the library has about 4,000 works digitized published before 1945. Among the volumes digitized, the oldest is a sixteenth century book on the education of women, but there are also other works published in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth centuries. The Posters section of the Digital Library of Women contains posters related to initiatives, meetings and events promoted in Bologna from 1981 to 2005. These documents have been digitized and placed online, accompanied by a description. To promote international research, the subject keywords are in English. The Journals section contains 11 digitized historical newspapers mostly Italian magazine of the XXth century including: Effe, Orsa Minore, Vita femminile, La Vie Heureuse, La Donna, Cordelia, Almanacco della donna italiana, Quotidiano donna, Reti, Memoria and the Giornale delle Donne.

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