Biblioteca digitale dell’Unificazione Giuridica (BUG)

The Biblioteca Centrale Giuridica (BCG) is the library of the Italian Ministry of Justice. It was established even before the Unification of Italy. It collects the national legal production, as well as certain foreign publications. Part of their website is the Biblioteca digitale dell’Unificazione Giuridica (BUG). This brings together texts that have been essential in the process of normative harmonization that took place between 1859 and 1870. It contains documents belonging to the collections of the BCG, as well as some documents already available on the web, mainly through Google Books. In addition, there is some information about these works available on the site.

The material is divided in three categories:

  • Codici degli stati preunitari (‘Codes of the pre-unification states’). Material is sorted according to state.
  • Atti dei commissari delle province annesse (‘Acts of the commissioners of the annexed provinces’). Material is sorted according to province.
  • I primi codici del Regno d’Italia, 1861-1865 (‘The first codes of the Kingdom of Italy, 1861-1865’). Material is sorted according to type.

The digitized texts are shown in PDF format and can be downloaded.

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