Biblioteca Digital Dioscórides
"The [Universidad] Complutense University Library has created the Dioscorides Digital Library with the purpose of offering public access to historical bibliographic holdings of key value for the history of science and arts. [...] Through the web, users can enjoy books that reflect thoughts, attitudes and beliefs from different periods and have witnessed the history of our University. A full bibliographic description can also be found on the Library’s Catalogue. The Dioscorides Digital Library gathers a small but significant sample of the highly valuable bibliographic historical heritage held in the Biblioteca Histórica Marqués de Valdecilla. These books contain all the knowledge that has shaped the Complutense University as we know it today. Collections organize books, not only regarding their contents but also their formal characteristics; Every day new books are incorporated. In order to help the reader, books are available through the library’s On-line catalogue, CISNE, or directly through the Digitalized Book’s catalogue. Bibliographical records of every digitalized book offer a link to the images (Acceso al recurso electrónico: Libro completo). Once the electronic book is showed, a guide to its internal structure will be displayed on the left. The database contains all the elements of the book, such as cover, index, pages or illustrations, so the direct access to specific parts is possible. One of the special functions of the retrieval of information is the possibility of direct access to illustrations or engravings, organized by period, author or subject on the Dioscorides digital Library Engravings Database."

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