Biblioteca Digital de la Región de Murcia
The Biblioteca Digital de la Región de Murcia (digital library of the Region of Murcia, Spain) is a project of the Murcia Department of Culture and Tourism and is managed by the Regional Library. The digital Library intends to preserve and disseminate the documentary heritage of the region of Murcia. The digital library offers various types of documents (books, manuscripts, incunables, graphics, etc.) which document various aspects of the history of the region of Murcia from the 17th to the 20th century such as literature, science, law, religion and economy. All documents were digitised from the holdings of the Murcia Regional Library. Through the Open Archives Initiative (OAI) this digital library is linked to larger projects such as Hispana and Europeana. The digital library is divided into two main sections:
  • Textual resources: books, journals, newspapers, pamphlets.
  • Visual resources: maps, prints, posters, postcards. The collection can be browsed by keyword or by advanced search mode using crieteria such as author, date, place, edition or type of document.
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