Belgische Werkliedenpartij - Parti Ouvrier Belge, 1892-1940

The largest part of the archives of the Belgian Workers Party (Belgische Werkliedenpartij/Parti Ouvrier Belge, BWP/POB) were lost during the Second World War. However, the reports of the committee meetings of the period 1892-1894 and 1898-1940 were preserved. They were mainly written in French. The entire collection – 10.250 pages – has been digitized and is available on this website.

It is possible to browse through all reports, or to browse through the reports of one specific year. It is also possible to search by subject. Documents have been scanned in high definition. They are shown in PDF format.

This project was made possible by Amsab-Institute of Social History and the Belgian Royal Historical Commission.

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